Things I Have Learned the Hard Way

  1. Family comes first, everyone and everything else is second. That includes money, material possessions and everything it takes to achieve them: work, school and sacrificing what should be first. This includes friends, unless they are like family. 


  1. People don’t give a shit about you or your problems, even if they pretend to. This does not include family.


  1. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Even if you manage to balance it all, something always slips. It does not allow you to put forth your best effort or live in the moment.


  1.  Don’t over complicate things. Life is hard enough as it is. 


  1. Don’t force things. If the square peg does not fit in the round hole, there is probably a reason for it.


  1. You are probably on the right path already. You just don’t know it yet. Don’t give up. Unless you are trying to force things. See Lesson 5.


  1.  Consider the advice of others, but make your own decisions.


  1. In order to become who you want to be, you must give up being who you were. 


  1. Despite what cynics may tell you, love really does conquer all.


  1. Slow down. Plan for the future, but live in the moment. Allow your plans to be flexible as you grow and change as a human being.

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