Feels Like the First Time (Or, not)


I would just like to say that it is incredibly difficult and frustrating when you experience issues with your second baby after having a first baby that had none. I know I should consider myself lucky that I had an easy baby the first time and that the “issues” I am referring to aren’t life threatening, but I totally thought it would be the same if not easier the second time around. Between that and lack of sleep, I’m starting to feel like I suck at this parenting thing.

D was proficient at breastfeeding from first latch, barely cried and didn’t even get his first cold or fever until well after a year old. That hasn’t been the case with Miss DD. Her feeding issues have really picked up in the last little while and her “colic” is starting to look more like reflux.

While I was pregnant, I went through an extremely rough patch with D. I thought to myself, “I can’t wait until the baby comes because she will be easy. Babies are so easy!” Kicking myself in the ass for that one now. It’s actually been quite the opposite, and although DD is the sweetest little thing, she is definitely not the easy one. (I’m sure that statement might vary depending on when you ask me though.)

Trying to balance a household, two kids and my sanity is seeming to be an impossible task lately. I thought only “new moms” weren’t able to find time to shower and my sink looks like a game of Jenga. Like quoting a hipster’s clichΓ© tattoo collection, “this too shall pass” has become my new mantra.

Love me some Scary Mommy on days when I feel like I'm sucking the most

Love me some Scary Mommy on days when I feel like I’m sucking the most




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