Bravado Designs | Review


So I have been wearing the The Essential Nursing Tank from Bravado for a full week now, and to say I am in love would be putting it mildly.

I have worn it as a shirt. I have worn it as a bra. I have slept in it. I have worked out in it. I have literally taken it off only to wash it and hang it to dry, which was quick and painless. I have often had to hand wash delicate and expensive bras (and who has time for that?) or realized after putting them in the machine that the bra was ruined or at least never the same again. This was not the case with Bravado’s tank.

It is not only comfortable, seamless and stylish but the functionality makes breastfeeding a snap, which is perfect for a busy mom like me.

I did find that the clips don’t function the exact same as other nursing bras I have worn in the past, so the first night wearing it I had an unhappy baby on my hands for about 3.25 seconds while I tinkered with the clip. Once I got it though, it was completely fine and I haven’t had an issue since. Give me some credit, I was half asleep.

I actually put on my old nursing bra one night while my Bravado tank was in the wash, and woke up with a plugged duct… ouch! Luckily it went away in a couple days with the help of a few hot showers, but that underwire nursing bra went straight into the garbage.

Bravado Designs’ Essential Nursing Tank is a great product and should be in the drawer of every pregnant and breastfeeding mother. I know will be heading out tomorrow to pick up another one for myself and maybe even a couple new bras. My comfort (and yours) is worth every penny.



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