Fingers Crossed


I will try to make this quick because, wait for it… my colicky baby is ASLEEP! For the second night in a row, she was asleep at 8 pm instead of painfully screaming her head off, unable to be consistently consoled.

Yes, as I have mentioned before, babywearing helps and I still try to do it as much as I can but what works for truly colicky babies (as I have read about and experienced first hand) tends to only work for a short period of time before another (often temporary) solution must be found.

I was at my physiotherapy appointment last week, when I mentioned to her about DD’s bout of colic. My wonderful physiotherapist instantly asked me if I had heard of osteopathy (which I hadn’t) and recommended I book an appointment. At this point I was willing to try anything. I confirmed a time slot and went home to do some research.

Osteopathy is a hard thing to explain really, and I will surely get it wrong, but I will do my best. From my understanding, it is a natural and gentle way of helping the body to heal itself. Babies can experience a lot of trauma going through the birth canal, which can manifest into different problems down the road. Osteopathy is known to help babies with feeding difficulties, sinus problems, restlessness, and you guessed it… colic.

My husband and I took DD to her appointment yesterday and it was quite an eye opening experience. One of the first things the practitioner asked during the examination was if her crying was the worst at around 11 pm (it was). He told us it was because her gallbladder was pushed out. He explained to us about the traditional Chinese medicine organ clock, which suggests that the energy of each internal organ is at its peak during a certain period of time each day, and if that organ is out of whack, it can cause distress during that period. After an hour long exam, we learned that her liver was also pushed out causing her to arch her back during a crying spell, and her right hip to be higher than the left. I had no idea! I am positive I am explaining this terribly, but when the practitioner explained it to us, it all made perfect sense.

He gently worked on her, barely looking like he was doing more than holding her and chatting peacefully, making her smile, but at the end of the hour she seemed more content. The range of motion on her right side improved greatly in that short period of time. She slept soundly most of the day, which is typical for her and had a happy alert time in the evening. When 8 pm rolled around, she was sleeping peacefully in my arms and slept right through until 7 am, only waking up briefly for nighttime feedings. SUCCESS!

Whether osteopathy is another temporary fix or will prove to be a permanent solution, I cannot yet say (I will keep you posted). But I do know that right now my baby girl is content and comfortably sleeping in my arms, even as I type this (one handed) and for that I am thankful. No jiggling or awkward living room dance moves required.

Here is an informative article that explains the organ clock far better than I can: and a handy little graph I found on Google.