Sunday in the Kitchen (Friday Edition) | Homemade Bum Butter


So it seems these days, DD has traded in her colic for teething. Oh boy.

All that excess saliva, which is more acidic than usual because of the teething, has given my poor girl a diaper rash. At least I think that’s the cause. I have never dealt with diaper rash before and I haven’t been doing anything different lately. We tried naked time to air it out, and while adorable, it wasn’t all that effective.

When you have never had a baby with diaper rash before, you don’t own any cream. Except that unopened Costco sized tub of Penaten from a well meaning family member that’s been sitting on a shelf collecting dust since early 2011. But of course that’s not cloth diaper safe. (insert eye roll here)

Always up for a challenge, I decided I would make my own. I remembered I had pinned a recipe from Green Child Magazine awhile back, so I made a shopping list and headed out the door. Like most of my projects, this one cost me double what it would have if I had just bought something at a store (even though I already had half the ingredients at home), but at least I now have enough cream to last me until potty training.

Here is my attempt at making homemade bum butter, as I like to call it.


* 1/3 cup of coconut oil

* 1/3 cup of shea butter (I used organic raw African shea butter… this was the most expensive part, but it is phenomenal)

* 56 grams/2 oz of beeswax (works out to be a 1/4 cup)

* 5 drops of tea tree oil


First I measured out the shea butter and coconut oil into a sauce pan, then added the bar of beeswax and tea tree oil. Using the double boiler technique (another one of the things I learned from Jules), I melted the ingredients.


Then I poured the mixture into a bowl and put it into the freezer for about 15 minutes.


Here is what the mixture looked like before going into the freezer



And after

Then I blended everything until it was nice and smooth and poured some into an old mint tin.

ImageWhat was leftover I scraped into a Mason jar for future use. I allowed the mixture to cool and thicken and then stored both that and the tin at room temperature.

ImageThere you have it, homemade bum butter.



Small Victories


Today was a good day. I really needed a good day. The adrenaline that comes with the first six weeks of having a newborn is all gone now and I’m spent, physically and mentally.

D had a good day at preschool and pick up was a breeze. We had a great dinner (which he actually ate) and then went over to a friend’s house afterwards for a short visit. He played nicely and *gasp* quietly, and didn’t even lose his shit when it was time to leave.

All of this almost completely overshadows the fact that it’s after 9 o’clock and he’s still upstairs screaming about who knows what. Almost. I will take what I can get though.

I’ve also started getting back to some having some mommy time. Jules and I had our very first Pinterest party on the weekend. We basically get together and make something we pinned ages ago, thought would be awesome, and then forgot all about.

Good behaviour and creative outlets. This is what I am excited about right now. Small victories.


Here is a quick behind the scenes snapshot from my phone. That’s all I can show you for now because my project is a gift.